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C.R. Onsrud, which specializes in advanced industrial CNC technologies, opened its doors recently to manufacturers who have panel processing applications and are looking to improve their production.

Over 30 prospective customers and distributors were invited to watch live, up close demonstrations of high-speed panel applications in action.

“Automated material-handling systems strategically placed along a manufacturing cell or line can increase throughput tremendously,” explained Brent Warren, regional sales manager. “These systems are integrated as well as balanced to keep production continuously flowing. Speeding up some operations only to create bottlenecks downstream doesn’t help a production line or your bottom line.”

In addition to the live demonstrations of nested, routed cabinet parts, simultaneous machining of nine drill holes at once (using a drill block), and a variety of automation systems (infeed, outfeed, pusher/sweeper), the event included a tour of the factory and a software demonstration. Attendees also learned about integrated third-party labeling and storage and retrieval systems. They also had the opportunity to talk one-on-one to Onsrud CNC experts about their specific manufacturing challenges.

“It was exciting to see the machines running on a day when the factory was in full operation,” said a local cabinetmaker. “You can tell how well made the machines are and the level of care that goes into them. It’s impressive.”

“I saw only one operator run the whole operation start to finish,” said another attendee. “Hiring has been a challenge.”

According to the company, automation can make a production line run continuously and efficiently, lower part costs to increase profit margins, and help boost production without adding labor costs.

This is the second event the company has done in the last couple of months, and it hopes to offer more.

“It gives us a great opportunity to connect with other manufacturers, to hear the challenges they’re facing, and to find a solution for them,” said Warren.


If you were unable to attend, you can see C.R. Onsrud machines in action on their YouTube channel.

About C.R. Onsrud

Located in Troutman, C.R. Onsrud specializes in CNC machining centers and Inverted Routers along with providing a full line of tooling and accessories for CNC machinery. See www.CNCjobs.info for more information about current openings.