Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education member Mike Kubiniec was served with a criminal summons charging him with misdemeanor stalking on Wednesday.

Mike Kubiniec

A magistrate issued the summons on Friday after I-SS board member Abby Trent made a sworn statement alleging that Kubiniec had repeatedly driven by the home where she is living, pulled into the driveway and took photos of the house and Trent’s car, sent her mail with tracking information, and contacted family members in an effort to get personal information to defame her.

An Iredell County Sheriff’s Office deputy served Kubiniec with the stalking summons at his home on Wednesday. Kubiniec, who lives in Mooresville, was ordered to appear in Iredell County District Court on January 19.

Trent, who is in the third trimester of an at-risk pregnancy, has also filed petitions seeking a no-contact order for stalking against Kubiniec and Micah Phelps, a Statesville resident who previously identified himself as Kubiniec’s campaign manager. In early October, Trent’s mother received a text message from Phelps warning her to prepare for anarchy. “Joshua and Caleb are coming jezzebelle, and they are going to rain fire and brimstone over your nasty wicked self.”

Court hearings on Trent’s requests for no-contact orders are scheduled for November 30.

“Since the board voted on October 9 to remove Michael Kubiniec as vice chair, I have been targeted, harassed and stalked,” Trent said on Monday. “This behavior has added additional stress to me and the baby. I have had to have additional testing and monitoring due to the actions” of Kubiniec and others.

“No one should treated the way that I have been over the last 30 days,” she added.

Kubiniec, who was elected to represent I-SS District 5 in November of 2022, was ousted as vice chairman of the I-SS Board by fellow board members in October and faces a likely censure vote in December.

Chairman Bill Howell has spearheaded both of those efforts as a result of complaints he has received from district employees about the way Kubiniec has treated them. Howell has also publicly accused Kubiniec of violating district policies and exceeding his authority as a board member. 

I-SS Board members are also expected to ask their attorney to oversee an investigation into whether Kubiniec, board member Anita Kurn and others have attempted to question, coerce or intimidate the employees who filed complaints about Kubiniec with the board chairman, multiple sources told Iredell Free News. During the November board meeting, Kubiniec said he had investigated the complaints against him and determined they were without merit.

At the same meeting, Kubiniec and Kurn began an effort to have Trent removed from the I-SS Board on the grounds that she had moved out of the district she represents. Trent notified I-SS officials that she moved in August, but said the move was temporary because the home needs repair work. 

The Iredell County Board of Elections will hold an evidentiary hearing on December 1 to determine if Trent has permanently moved out of her voting precinct.

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