Cool Spring Elementary School fourth-graders demonstrated their knowledge of state history on Friday by paying tribute to well known North Carolinians.

About 60 students participated in the school’s annual wax museum project by dressing up as famous North Carolinians of the past and present.

Teachers Mandy Harrington, Kristina Stoker and Lauren Miles were excited for their students to share what they’ve learned with parents, grandparents, and other students.

North Carolina history is a major part of the fourth-grade curriculum, according to Harrington, who has taught at Cool Spring since 2004. The teachers have coordinated the wax museum project every year — except during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s kind of a Cool Spring tradition for fourth-graders,” she said. “They get to become famous North Carolinians with a button on their hands and come to life.”

Students transformed into Blackbeard, Michael Jordan, Dale Earnhardt, Kellie Pickler, Julianne Moore, Richard Petty, Andy Griffith and Ava Gardner. One student paid tribute to Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell.

In addition to learning about important figures in state history, the students also work their public speaking skills.

“They have to prepare what they’re going to say, practice speaking loudly, and clearly getting their nerves out,” Stoker said.

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