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In remembrance of 9/11, Mitchell Community College’s Welding Technology students created a 350:1 scale model of the Twin Towers.

On Monday, September 11, the finished model will be on display on the Circle of the Statesville Campus for the public to view from 10 a.m. to around 5 p.m.

Taking approximately 110 hours to complete, the project involved the collaboration of three welding courses (WLD-110 Cutting Processes, WLD-115 SMAW Stick welding, and WLD-122 GMAW Pipe welding).

The project was completed by 16 Welding Technology students: Zacary Dellinger, Wilder Fanning, Ryan Hein, Noah Myers, Tate Adams, Ethan Baker, Jessica Cooke, Braeden Fite, Riley Baker, John Gay, Hayden Humphrey, Nathan Miller, Colby Padgett, Santana Velasquez, Brennon Stikeleather, and Colton Wall.

The 4-foot tall Twin Towers model features a 1-foot tall North Tower antenna and is cut from 14-gauge sheet steel with the letters “Never Forget” engraved in the model using a pulsed TIG – a first-time experience for many of the welding students.

Students used the Lincoln Torchmate 4400 CNC Plasma table to cut the model pieces to exact specs, and Miller Dynasty 210 and Miller Syncrowave 250DX TIG machines for the assembly and letter work.

Instructor Wayne James was overjoyed with how well students did in constructing the project, commenting on the pride with which they carried out their work – trying new things and working with one another to make this 9/11 tribute a reality.



Learn more about Mitchell’s Welding Technology program at https://www.mitchellcc.edu/welding-technology/


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