Special to Iredell Free News

RALEIGH — North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey is reminding customers of Friday Health Plans of North Carolina Inc. (FHP-NC) that they have until the end of the day on Thursday, August 31, to choose a new health insurance plan.

Consumers who purchased health insurance from FHP-NC through the federal exchange must choose a new exchange health insurance plan by that time to avoid a gap in coverage. Those that fail to do so by that date will still have until October 30 to obtain coverage, but will have a gap in coverage from the date all FHP-NC plans are terminated on August 31 until the effective date of new coverage.

In June, FHP-NC consented to being placed into receivership to protect North Carolina policyholders due to its reported insolvency and inability to raise additional funds from outside investors.

To ensure FHP-NC’s policyholders have an opportunity to replace their current exchange coverage before it is terminated, the N.C. Department of Insurance coordinated with the U.S. Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight to implement a special enrollment period for members to select another exchange health insurance plan.

Finally, providers should continue to service all FHP-NC members and should not demand payment other than the proper cost share associated with the medical service and relevant health plan. Providers will be paid for all covered claims for services performed by August 31.

FHP-NC is a subsidiary of the Friday Health group. The Friday Health group is Colorado based and provides health coverage to individuals and families in multiple states. Other states also have placed subsidiaries of the Friday Health Group into receivership.


Consumers seeking more information can contact the NCDOI help line at 855-408-1212 or by visiting www.ncdoi.gov.