The Statesville City Council on Monday approved an economic development incentive for Bridgford Foods, which is planning a $2.09 million expansion at its Statesville facility.

The manufacturer is planning to expand its facility and purchase new machinery and equipment and add a minimum of five jobs with an average salary of $43,125 by December 31, 2026.

The council approved an economic incentive request made by the Iredell County Economic Development Corporation, on behalf of Bridgford Foods, for a total of $26,283 over five years.

Bridgford Foods produces a variety of snacks, ready to eat sandwiches and MREs with a long shelf life.


♦ The council voted unanimously to approve the first reading of an ordinance to annex the property located on Crawford Road. The 1.504-acre parcel is part of the Northpoint industrial business park. The applicant estimates the value of the development at $200 million.

♦ After a pair of public hearings in which no one objected, council also approved the first reading of annexation requests for property located at 130 Butterfield Circle and 225 Butterfield Circle. Developers plan to build homes valued at $350,000 on both parcels.

Stop the Violence Proclamation

Mayor Costi Kutteh read a proclamation celebrating the Stop the Violence Cookout, which was started in 2014 as a grassroots effort to bring the community together and find ways to make Statesville a safer place to live, work and play.

The proclamation states: “The organizers have significantly grown this event by instilling their dream in others, including the faith community, businesses, law enforcement and other community organizations; the event celebrates non-violence and the importance of knowing how to be safe and stay safe; and Therefore, I Constantine H. Kutteh, Mayor of Statesville, N.C., do hereby, celebrate and acknowledge the tremendous work that goes into organizing this significant event in our community each year and extend deep gratitude to those who are bringing this message of hope to Statesville.”

The mayor encouraged all citizens to come out and join in working toward peace in our community at the 9th Annual Stop the Violence Cookout on Saturday, August 26, at Alex Cooper Park from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


In other business, the council:

♦ Approved the second reading of AX23-08, an ordinance to annex the property located at 314 Bristol Drive. The property is owned by Jose Manuel Villagomez Ramirez.

♦ Approved a resolution directing the City Clerk to Investigate a Petition of Annexation for the Redwood Statesville James Farm property located on James Farm Road; receive the City Clerk’s Certificate of Sufficiency; and consider approving a resolution setting the date of August 21 for a public hearing for the Petition of Annexation.

♦ Approved a contract with Mark D. Bardill, P.C. (trading as Zacchaeus Legal Services (ZLS)) for legal services to be provided for foreclosure actions on delinquent real property assessments due to the City.

♦ Approved Budget Amendment #2024-03, which uses a fund balance appropriation to allow for the rollover of outstanding purchase orders.

♦ Approved the adoption of the 2023 City of Statesville Fire Department Community Risk Assessment/Standard of Cover document and the 2023-2028 City of Statesville Fire Department Strategic Plan.

♦ Approved a Resolution of Intent to permanently close Mott Street, which is an unimproved, unopened right of way and schedule a public hearing for October 2, 2023.

♦ Approved a request from Carolina Farm Trust to host the Systems Change Longest Table Event in Downtown Statesville.

♦ Approved the second reading of TA23-09: Text Amendments to the Unified Development Code filed by the City of Statesville to amend Article 5. Supplemental Regulations/Performance Standards for Specific Use, Section 5.04 Primary Uses and Structures, Z. Dwellings, Planned Multi-Family Developments, Article 6. Development Standards, Section 6.02 Density and Dimensional Standards, I. Alleys, Article 7. Alternate Development Patters, Section 7.01 Cluster Subdivisions, Article 7. Alternate Development Patterns, Section 7.02 Architecturally Integrated Cluster Subdivisions, Article 7. Alternate Development Patterns, Section 7.03 Cluster/Architecturally Integrated Cluster Subdivision Street Design Standards, Article 8. Public Facilities Requirements, Section 8.06 Streets, B. Street Design, Article 8. Public Facilities Requirements, Section 8.06 Streets, H. Traffic Impact Analysis, and Article 9 Definitions.

♦ Approved the second reading of TA23-10 Text Amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) filed by Mr. David Reese to amend Article 3 Zoning, Section 3.04 Zoning District Regulations; Table 3-1 Use Matrix; Article 5 Supplemental Regulations, Section 5.04 Primary Uses and Structures; Article 9 Definitions, Section 9.02 Definitions; to address outdoor recreation activities used in conjunction with a gym or fitness center. 

♦ Approved the second reading of rezoning request for properties located on US 21 North (Turnersburg Hwy); Iredell County Tax Parcel #’s 4746-40-6187, 4746-41-5424, 4746-41-6753, 4746-41-4886, 4746-42-5269, 4746-42-5496, 4746-42- 6636, 4746-42-6758, 4746-42-6982, and 4746-42-7865; from B-4 to PUD.

♦ Approved the second reading of rezoning request ZC23-07 for the property located between U.S. Highway 64 and Island Ford Road, Statesville. PIN #4725-21-2483 filed by Joseph Hyde on behalf of Stanley Bost sought to rezone the property from R-A (Residential Agricultural District) to LI (Light Industrial District) in order to allow the construction of a cabinet distribution business.

♦ Approved the second reading of rezoning request ZC23-08 from Clayton Homes for the property located at 413 Twin Oaks Road, Statesville, from Iredell County RA (Residential Agricultural) District to City of Statesville R-A (Residential Agricultural) District.

♦ Approved the second reading of rezoning request, ZC23-10 for the property located at 2313 West Front Street, from B-4 (Highway Business) District to LI (Light Industrial) District.

♦ Approved the second reading of rezoning request ZC23-12 for property that is located on Crawford Road, between Odessa Drive and Brookview Road; from Iredell County M-1 (Light Manufacturing) District to City of Statesville LI (Light Industrial) District.

♦ Approved a revised resolution accepting the American Rescue Plan Grant offer from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.