Two pristine white sand volleyball courts, with beautiful green turf surrounded by white pebble stone and brand new nets, now grace Troutman ESC Park after the donations of several community partners and much hard work.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Town Manager Ron Wyatt thanked Bart Abernathy, Freddie and Gloria Willis, Paul and Elizabeth Bryant, Rocky Mount Church, Jan Comer and Engineered Sintered Components, and Harrison Concepts, who, along with town contributions, made the original courts possible in 2017.

“It worked for a long time, but with our new partners, Lowes, Southeast Turf, Synlawn, and our Troutman Parks and Rec crew, they came out and made this a reality,” Wyatt said while indicating the professional courts.

The town, he said, is thankful that these corporations and companies came together and took the time to upgrade this feature at the park. They understand that their “partnerships and collaboration on projects in the community make all successful.”

Wyatt also noted that Chris Carney, who joined the ceremony, partnered with the town to build dugouts for the nearby two baseball/softball fields.

“As the town manager, I am thankful for all you all have done,” concluded Wyatt.

Mayor Teross Young said Parks and Recreation Director Emily Watson has helped the council develop the park’s amenities. “We know that this is one the the community wanted for a long time,” he said.

“We really appreciate the partnerships and just making them look beautiful from the landscaping perspective and for our staff who come out here day after day to keep our overall park maintained and looking good.”

“On behalf of the council, I just want to say we appreciate your partnership, and it means a lot. I hear people say all the time how beautiful our park is, and it’s because of partnerships that we have and because of our staff,” the mayor added.

Scott Marks’ family business, Southeast Turf, partners with Lowes on community projects like this one. Marks said he was “was pleased to be invited and involved in something like this and to be able to make it happen.”

Synlawn representative Jennifer Hambright thanked the town for “allowing us to be a partner through our partnership with Lowes. It’s a great way for us to give back to the community and for us to all chip in and get our hands dirty. We really appreciate you for giving us this opportunity.”

Jake Rollings, manager of the Troutman Lowes location and a Troutman native, said the project was “personal because I bring my kids to this park to play. They love it. It’s a great park.”

When Wyatt called him in April to ask him to partner on the project, Rollings said he couldn’t say no. Rollings got on the phone, enlisted the other project partners, and got behind the courts’ renovation.

“For me, as a store manager at Lowes, to work for a company like we do, and to be afforded the opportunity to make an impact in my community is a big deal. I’m really proud of the efforts we’ve made and the partnerships that we have.”

“Thank you guys very much for working with us and coming together. Obviously it turned out fantastic.”

Carney praised the Town of Troutman for being fantastic to work with on community projects as well as the gratitude expressed for the Carneys’ dugout donation. “You’re a very classy place, and we’re so thankful for you all.”

Watson said a new sign will soon be installed at the court to thank all of those involved in the courts’ renovation. “I appreciate the relationships we all got to make and look forward to working to all of you again.”

Watson also thanked Rapid Removal Dumpster Service for their help during the renovation project.

Council members Eddie Nau and Felina Harris, Police Chief Josh Watson, and the Troutman Parks and Recreation staff were also special guests at the ceremony.