Pictured (front row, from left) are Brandon Feimster, Alex Leon, Tony Mendoza, Duncan Allen, and Sammy Lail;(back row) Luke Elliott, Kristal Hoots, Allen Lunsford, Mo Lunsford, Dee Lunsford, Erica Goodnight, Gage Goodnight, Ross Goodnight, Josh Goodnight, Loren Walker, Kimbrie Church, Emily Buckley, Amanda Ray, and Joe Crouse.

Special to Iredell Free News

Union Grove Lumber recently hosted a grand opening in its new location. The locally owned business is now located in the original Union Grove ACE Hardware building, which was built in November of 1985.

All renovation design and work completion was performed by G.L. Wilson Building Company.

Union Grove Lumber is owned by Josh and Erica Goodnight. It is an international lumber brokerage firm that specializes in stocking wholesale lumber commodities specifically tailored for utility barn businesses throughout North America.