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Iredell Free News asked each of the Republican candidates in the upcoming primary election for three seats on the Iredell County Board of Commissioners a series of questions about important issues.

Incumbent Scottie Brown is one of seven candidates in the March 5 primary. Here are his answers:

IFN: The Board of Commissioners has been criticized for not making a larger cut to the property tax rate following the significant increase in property values. What is your view on this? If you believe the rate should have been cut further, would you have cut services, staff, school funding, capital expenses or elsewhere — or used money from the fund balance to offset cuts to tax rate? Please explain your answer.

BROWN: We cannot afford to further cut property tax rates with the growing population. The property value increase in Iredell County is due to being the fastest growing county in the United States. With widely increasing demands for services in a growing county comes growing pains. The more we cut property tax rates, the more people will move to Iredell County while we are already one of the top growing counties in the United States. The only way we would be able to increase taxes is to increase sales tax to a quarter of a cent in the future, which would then generate 80 percent of money from outside of our county.

IFN: In your view, what are the county’s most pressing capital projects? What are your priorities? How would you pay for these?

BROWN: With the population rapidly increasing, we need to prioritize building more schools, offices for the health department and sheriff’s office, and a new courthouse. We would also add more staff such as first responders for safety reasons. I support saving money for these projects and not borrowing. We will continuously be growing as a county so implementing these new departments are a must.

IFN: Per pupil funding for I-SS ranks near the bottom of public-school districts. Do you believe the Board of Commissioners adequately funds operations and the capital needs of Iredell-Statesville Schools, Mooresville Graded Schools and Mooresville Community College? If you would increase funding, how would you pay for it?

BROWN: Overall, Iredell County ranks 50th out of the 100 counties in North Carolina. However, with the surrounding counties, we rank seventh out of 17. As a county commissioner, it is my responsibility to carefully weigh all financial decisions to ensure the well-being of the community. While I understand the importance of adequate funding for education, it’s essential to consider various factors such as budget constraints, certain responsibilities, and the need for a balanced allocation of resources across different sectors. It’s crucial to assess the existing funding structures and explore efficiency improvements before committing to an increase, ensuring a thoughtful and sustainable approach to resource allocation.

IFN: Do you think commissioners adequately fund parks and recreation? Would you support an increase or cuts to this department?

BROWN: Parks and recreation help a lot with economic development. When the county tries to bring in large corporations or companies, their biggest question is always “What does Iredell County have or offer for our employees and their families?” I believe that access to recreational spaces enhances the quality of life for residents, promotes community well-being, and contributes to overall health. Parks and recreation are an incentive, not a business. Due to COVID-19, the county’s park and rec department took a hit, but as the county recovers from the losses, parks and rec is slowly getting back to 100 percent. To support an increase in funding for this department, I would assess current utilization, gather community feedback, and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify specific needs. By prioritizing the enhancement of parks and recreation facilities, we can foster a healthier, more vibrant community, making a compelling case for strategic investment in this vital aspect of our country’s infrastructure.

IFN: Voters will decide in March whether to continue the practice of rewarding the top two vote-getters in the Board of Commissioners election with four-year terms and the third-place finisher with a two-year term OR having staggered elections with four-year terms for all seats. Do you support this? Why or why not?

BROWN: I do support having staggered elections with four-year terms for all seats because this keeps the commissioners from running against one another in the general election.

IFN: Why are you the best choice among the Republican candidates in the March 5 primary?

BROWN: While I don’t label myself as the “best” choice among Republican candidates, I bring a commitment to collaborative leadership and a track record of working effectively with diverse groups. I was born and raised here in Mooresville so I have deep Iredell County roots. I am very conservative and offer many years of entrepreneurship. Owning the largest tourist attraction (Zootastic Park) qualifies me on a business level due to the fact that I work with many people every day, public and employees included. My focus is on fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation to address the challenges our community faces. I prioritize making well-informed, concrete decisions that benefit everyone and putting the needs of our constituents above personal agendas. My dedication to going above and beyond in service reflects a selfless approach aimed at achieving the best outcomes for our community, ensuring that our county thrives under principles and inclusive governance.


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