To the Editor:

Iredell County native and lifelong resident Abby Trent is the Republican nominee on the November 8 ballot for the Iredell-Statesville Schools’ Board District 3 seat. Abby won the Republican primary in May 2022, defeating two other candidates vying for the District 3 seat.

Abby is a 2016 graduate of South Iredell High School. After graduation she earned an AAS in Criminal Justice and an AAS in Accounting. She is currently employed as a staff accountant at Wokatsch Accounting in Downtown Statesville. She is the granddaughter of long-term Statesville resident Willi Wokatsch, a local accountant and high school soccer referee.

Abby’s recent experience as an I-SS student provided her with firsthand knowledge of how our schools are operating. She knows what is working and what isn’t working, and she understands the burdens students carry and wants to be a voice for those who are rarely heard, the students.

Abby believes that, for the most part, children are the ones who bear the burden of poor decision-making. She wants to ensure that students and parents are actively involved in education.

“It is vital that Iredell County works together for everyone’s future. Administration, teachers, teachers assistants, parents and students all play a role in that success,” Abby said. “I believe that my own personal experiences along with my background in Criminal Justice and Accounting will bring something new to this board. A different perspective, with different options that will work. Post COVID, our teachers and students have suffered emotionally and educationally. It is time to begin the healing process.”

Generally, school boards are made up of former teachers, as well as those in the education system. Adding Abby Trent to this board will give Iredell County the opportunity to access financial insight into ways to maximize the taxpayers’ dollars, which are allocated to the schools.

Abby also spent several years in private school and understands the pros and cons of each system. At the end of the day, school board members need to focus on education and every child. At times, it seems we have gotten off track. Parents have a right to be actively involved in what is being presented to their children at school. Abby will advocate for a sound basic education, free from the social distractions which take away from the education system’s responsibility to prepare children for their adult lives.

Angela Wokatsch Matthews

20 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor: Trent will provide a voice for students, parents on I-SS Board of Education

  1. It would have been nice to hear her say this at the forum she skipped last night. Another Wolkatch/Phelps puppet!

  2. Abby is an intelligent and genuine person. She is more than qualified, yet still humble. She is running for office with a desire to better serve the students of ISS. Anyone who says otherwise must not actually know her. I personally think the mud-slinging shows the poor character of the one doing the slinging.

    • No mud being slung. Just concerned we have a potential school board member being told what to do or say by mommy and the Phelps crew. That’s enough to be concerned, no? Tell Abby to speak up for herself instead of having momma and mickey fight her battles.

    • If you are referring to the letters published here, I for one saw no mud being slung. I did, however, not see the candidate at the forum the other night. Maybe it would be better for the candidate herself to speak up rather than allow her mom to do it.

      • Well, I am pretty sure that forum, was put together by Democrats not by an unbiased group who actually cares to hear from all perspectives.

        Editor: The forum was presented by the Greater Statesville Chamber of Commerce and Our Schools First.

        • Perhaps I need a clearer understanding of the Our Schools First group. I’ll do some research. Thanks, Mr. Editor.

          • Rachelle Donley says:

            The forum was
            presented by the Greater
            Statesville Chamber of
            Commerce and Our Schools Fist. What made Abby Trent so afraid to come to this public forum and speak? That alone says everything I need to know about who I am voting for.

        • Curious why it would matter WHO put together a forum where ALL candidates were given an opportunity to explain to the citizens of Iredell County what their views about the school system are and how they can help make it better. All were invited; all Republicans chose not to attend. The School Board elections SHOULD be non-partisan. It doesn’t matter to which party a member belongs as long as he or she has the interest of the children and our community at hand. The Chamber of Commerce is not a political organization and this particular forum was sponsored by the COC and the OSF Our Schools First, making it the perfect setting for school board candidates to speak.

  3. Hedley Jenkins says:

    If y’all want to know what Abby thinks, you have to check with AWM or the “patriot” corner. Ask the Patriots why they got thrown off WSIC.

    • Unfortunately, the better candidate did not prevail in the primary, but that’s how a democracy works. District 3’s loss.

  4. Was Abby unable to answer any questions on her own without a prompt? With this absent slate of candidates who could not be bothered to attend a public forum, I am fearful for the state of education in Iredell County:

    “I am disappointed to report that after three requests some of our candidates chose not to join us this evening. I made two requests and then made a personal phone call to each candidate,” Packman said.

    The following candidates did not participate:
    • District 1: Brian Sloan (Republican);
    • District 3: Abby Trent (Republican);
    • District 5: Mike Kubinec (Republican); and
    • District 7: Anita Kurn (Republican)

    • Amen. It also makes me question the intelligence of any of them and did they supply any reason for their no shows?

  5. That no Republican showed up at a public forum to answer some basic questions is telling. The school board has real problems to solve and doesn’t need to be a forum for the Know-Nothings to fight their proxy culture wars. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  6. Think twice ! If she had opinions and felt get good about them she would have shown up to represent them – instead she chose not to 🤨

  7. I guess some folks do learn from the Democratic Party. The President got elected from a basement. If it ain’t broke…

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