To the Editor:

Iredell County native and lifelong resident Abby Trent is the Republican nominee on the November 8 ballot for the Iredell-Statesville Schools’ Board District 3 seat. Abby won the Republican primary in May 2022, defeating two other candidates vying for the District 3 seat.

Abby is a 2016 graduate of South Iredell High School. After graduation she earned an AAS in Criminal Justice and an AAS in Accounting. She is currently employed as a staff accountant at Wokatsch Accounting in Downtown Statesville. She is the granddaughter of long-term Statesville resident Willi Wokatsch, a local accountant and high school soccer referee.

Abby’s recent experience as an I-SS student provided her with firsthand knowledge of how our schools are operating. She knows what is working and what isn’t working, and she understands the burdens students carry and wants to be a voice for those who are rarely heard, the students.

Abby believes that, for the most part, children are the ones who bear the burden of poor decision-making. She wants to ensure that students and parents are actively involved in education.

“It is vital that Iredell County works together for everyone’s future. Administration, teachers, teachers assistants, parents and students all play a role in that success,” Abby said. “I believe that my own personal experiences along with my background in Criminal Justice and Accounting will bring something new to this board. A different perspective, with different options that will work. Post COVID, our teachers and students have suffered emotionally and educationally. It is time to begin the healing process.”

Generally, school boards are made up of former teachers, as well as those in the education system. Adding Abby Trent to this board will give Iredell County the opportunity to access financial insight into ways to maximize the taxpayers’ dollars, which are allocated to the schools.

Abby also spent several years in private school and understands the pros and cons of each system. At the end of the day, school board members need to focus on education and every child. At times, it seems we have gotten off track. Parents have a right to be actively involved in what is being presented to their children at school. Abby will advocate for a sound basic education, free from the social distractions which take away from the education system’s responsibility to prepare children for their adult lives.

Angela Wokatsch Matthews

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