To the Editor:

I am a super senior a the CCTL early college in Statesville. For my graduation project, I decided to place two hand-built dog treat boxes at Stumpy Creek Park in Mooresville. I was able to collaborate with the Iredell County Parks & Recreation Department on placement options, and I hope to gain feedback from the community through the QR code located on the box and the notepad located in the top portion of the box.

These boxes are currently operational and available for anyone to use. The purpose of this project is to provide dog treats and doggie bags to the community and to provide a spot for others to do the same.

My hope is that others will bring any extra dog treats that they have to help contribute to the dog boxes and bring more engagement. This project is important to me as I have a strong love for animals. I hope that those that share my passion for animals will be encouraged to participate in this project.

A community that shares is a community that cares.

Abby G.