To the Editor:

Thank you to Statesville! On October 15, the Wallace Brothers Herbarium Highway Historical Marker was erected on Front Street.

As  Issac Wallace’s great-granddaughter and the last direct descendent of the Wallace Brothers to have grown up in Statesville, I am gratified to have my family remembered for generations to come. As the marker was unveiled and the celebration continued at Congregation Emanuel, I was overwhelmed by the number of Statesville folks who came out to recognize this historic event. Some of you came because you or your family members had ties to the herbarium, some of you came because you knew my parents, Constance Wallace Aronson and Julius Aronson, some of you came because you were my friends and classmates, some of you came because you love local history, and all of you came because you wanted to honor the importance to Statesville of this day.

I wish I could have thanked each of you personally and hope over time the connections made that day will allow me to do so. Until then, please know you have my sincere and never-ending gratitude.

JoAnne Aronson Rosenblum

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