To the Editor:

Did Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education Chairman Bill Howell actually compile those accusations against board member and former vice chair Mike Kubiniec? Or did he simply repeat complaints from some of the 60 emails sent by individuals dissatisfied with Mr. Kubiniec’s hands-on approach to his elected position? Did most of those email complaints originate from Superintendent James? How many emails were requests for information or unsolicited proposals from Mr. Kubiniec?

Does Mr. Kubiniec rub people the wrong way with his probing questions, his rough-around-the-edges style, and his frequent challenges of the status quo? Apparently, yes. Did he deserve to be removed from his leadership position and possibly censured for his efforts? Absolutely not.

The high secrecy by Chairman Howell concerning the email allegations against Mr. Kubiniec is completely unnecessary. Selected emails could be released to the public without revealing the identity of the authors by simply redacting names and affiliations.

It’s a truism that if a person is disliked for any reason, every trivial thing he does will be severely criticized. That appears to be the case here. I believe the attacks on Mr. Kubiniec result from personal animosity toward him by certain board members and/or school officials, rather than because of actual wrongdoing.

This entire affair is a mockery of due process and a travesty of justice. A very sad situation.

Edward Mimnaugh
Stony Point

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