To the Editor:

During the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education meeting on Monday evening, N.B. Mills Elementary was the school spotlight. The administration and staff at N.B. Mills is doing incredible things to improve the school. Last year, teachers exceeded growth (EVAAS) by 91 percent. The school’s disciplinary measure has improved by 72 percent since last year. Teacher retention has improved from 46 percent to 82 percent in just two years. The school is partnering with many community organizations and businesses to be involved with the students. The administration, teachers and students are making incredible strides, and we should all be applauding their accomplishments.

The N.B. Mills staff members in attendance at Monday’s board meeting were asked to come forward, and one-by one they introduced themselves. It was touching to witness their obvious dedication and love for their school and students. They were awarded a well-deserved standing ovation from the audience, I-SS administration, and the board members. Only District 5 representative Mike Kubiniec stayed in his seat. In that moment, when he chose not to show his support for N.B. Mills’ incredible staff and students, he illustrated who he is to the core.

Jean Foster

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