Special to Iredell Free News

The Iredell County Environmental Health Division is implementing a North Carolina Sewage Treatment and Disposal System rule that will require periodic maintenance inspections for specific septic system types.

These maintenance inspections will be mandatory for certain pumped septic systems that were installed or repaired after July 1, 1992, that are classified as type IV-VI by the NC Sewage Treatment and Disposal System rules.

In addition, the rule states that any person owning or controlling property upon which a ground absorption sewage treatment and disposal system is installed is responsible for the maintenance of their septic system.

Part of the owner’s responsibility for these septic system types is to have a current maintenance contract between the system owner and a certified wastewater operator management entity. The management entity shall perform regular inspections and report findings at a frequency specified by the rule to the Environmental Health Division.

Not all pump type septic systems have this requirement that fall under the classification by rule as a type IV-VI.

Since July 1, 1992, the Environmental Health Division has required a contract between the system owner and a certified management entity before approval of certificate of occupancy of a residence or facility with this septic system type.

In January of 2019, there were over 2,200 of these septic systems inventoried throughout the county. Over 1,100 of these systems do not have a required current contract between the owner and a certified management entity.

Phase one of the enforcement of this rule is to send out bulk mail post cards to owners of such properties that do not have a current contract with a certified management entity on file in the Environmental Health Division.

Phase two will consist of a visual inspection by an Iredell County Environmental Health Specialist for systems that require these periodic inspections. The visual inspection process could take years to complete by the Environmental Health Division due to the large number of these types of systems and other regular duty responsibilities.

If you receive a notification by mail from our office, you will be required to secure a current contract with a N.C. Certified Operator. It is important that each property owner maintains their septic system according to NC laws and rules to maximize longevity of the system and protect the health of the environment.


If you feel that you have received one of our mailers in error or if you have any questions, please contact one of our Environmental Health Division offices in Statesville or Mooresville, or email Iredell.publicinfo@co.iredell.nc.us.