The Statesville Police Department has released the name of a man who was fatally injured Thursday when a tree fell on him.

According to an SPD news release, Theodore Adams, 61, was exiting his car in the parking lot of an apartment complex located at 501 Mulberry Street when a large tree was blown down into the parking lot.

The tree struck Adams, killing him, police said.

Three vehicles in the parking lot were also damaged, according to the news release.

5 thoughts on “SPD identifies man killed by falling tree

  1. They did not handle this in the best way. Left that man lying there for three hours. Thought they were supposed to free that body and get him exited right away. Instead of just gawking, the police and fireman could have cut limbs away and then carried him away.

    • Monica Cook says:

      If you weren’t there, you should not complain. There were probably extenuating circumstances that caused the delay. People DO usually try to do the best they can!

    • I believe power lines were down and still active so they had to wait for the energy company before doing anything.

    • Carol Lackey says:

      They were doing their job. My mother was found dead in her front yard on Dec.20, 2019 and she laid there for hours on top of hours before the coroner was allowed to take her. Until they have completed their investigation no one moves the body. It’s ugly, it’s hard but that’s the way it is.

  2. Doug Kennerly says:

    It’s a crime scene until determined otherwise. CSI and coroner’s office have to determine the cause of death is malicious, negligence, or natural causes. Until the investigation is completed the body cannot be removed. Takes some time for Crime Scene to get their photos, measurements, Etc. Only after this is done can the body be removed legally.

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