The local chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans opposes a plan by the Iredell County Board of Commissioners to relocate the Confederate memorial on the grounds of the Iredell County Government Center in Statesville.

Commissioners voted 4 to 1 during Tuesday’s meeting in support of a resolution to begin the process of finding a new home for the memorial. Among the options discussed were moving the memorial to a city-owned cemetery.

On Thursday evening, however, members of the Major General Stephen Dodson Ramseur/Colonel Reuben Campbell Camp No. 387, Sons of Confederate Veterans, voted uunanimously vote to reject the resolution.

“It is our desire for the Monument to stay exactly where it has stood since 1906,” C. David Pope,Jr., commander of the organization, said in a news release.

This monument was erected as a memorial to honor over 597 men and boys who died while fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War.

The county asserts no ownership of the monument and is committed to working with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Daughters of the Confederacy and the City of Statesville to find a suitable location for the memorial, County Manager Beth Jones said in a news release.

The resolution said commissioners would pay for the relocation.

4 thoughts on “Sons of Confederate Veterans opposes Iredell commissioners’ plan to relocate memorial

  1. The location of this monument has hurt no one since 1906 and it does not hurt anyone now! People should be protesting more important matters like abortions or child abuse. Matters that hurt or kill. This monument does neither. I say let it stand where it is and quit whining about it!

  2. Margie McCalla says:

    That monument has been there over a hundred years!!! It’s part of history that can’t be wiped away. Why now???
    Leave it!! and if you don’t like it, don’t look.

  3. Rick Morgan says:

    Why does an inanimate historical benign statue hurt anybody? There are plenty of “offensive imperfect” statues around our nation dedicated to “imperfect people,” but they should remain in place. “Cancel culture” is out of control and ruining our nation.
    Those who voted & protested to remove it should be expelled and taught a little history. Yes, the South lost, but there were many victories (both land and naval) which scared the c—p out of the North. With additional resources/manpower, the South would’ve won.

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