All the votes haven’t been counted, but the unofficial results in the Iredell County primary and municipal elections are in.

Two races in the City of Statesville could be headed to a run-off, candidates in an Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education race and Mooresville town commissioner race are separated by a handful of votes, and at least two office holders were defeated Tuesday.

Based on unofficial results, Iredell County will have a new register of deeds and the Statesville City Council will have at least one new member.

All results are unofficial until May 27, when the Iredell County Board of Elections conducts a countywide canvas. Between now and then, vote totals could change as provisional ballots and absentee-vote-by-mail ballots are counted, elections officials said.

A total of 23,911 ballots have been counted so far, including 9,382 that were cast in early voting. There are 132,411 registered voters in Iredell County, meaning voter turnout was slightly over 18 percent.

Here’s a rundown of where all the races stand as of Tuesday night:

Statesville Mayor

Mayor Costi Kutteh was the top finisher in a seven-person race, tallying 1,274 votes. If the results stand, challenger Brian Summers, who finished second with 1,027 votes, could call for a run-off, which would be held on July 26.

Former councilman Michael Johnson finished third, just 24 votes behind Summers.

Among the other candidates, Joseph Glasgow was fourth (266 votes), Jack Borders III was fifth (120), Beniah McMiller finished sixth (76), and Christopher McCormick was seventh (63).

Statesville City Council (2 At-Large seats)

Incumbent Steve Johnson paced a crowded field with 1,543 votes, and challenger James Pressly was second with 1,164 votes in a race for two seats.

Challenger Kim Wasson (1,153 votes) and incumbent William Morgan (918) could call for a run-off election, which would be held on July 26.

Elections officials said Tuesday night that Wasson had already requested a run-off election.

Roger Bejcek (737) and Terry Sharpe (552) finished fifth and sixth, respectively. Rounding out the field were Mark Goldman (281) and Christopher Spraggins (84.)

Statesville City Council (Ward 3)

Incumbent Doris Allison prevailed over challenger Oliver Wilder Jr. to win a second term. Allison garnered 205 votes, and Wilder received 100.

Statesville City Council (Ward 5)

Based on unofficial results, challenger Joe Hudson unseated incumbent John Staford, winning by a margin of less than 100 votes. Hudson received 549 votes, and Staford got 455.

Statesville City Council (Ward 2)

Incumbent C.O. Johnson was unopposed. He received 293 votes.

Iredell County Board of Commissioners (3 seats)

Brad Stroud Sr., Gene Houpe and Bert Connolly were the top-three finishers in the Republican primary and earned a spot on the ballot in the November general election.

Stroud, who recently retired as the county’s veterans officer, led the field with 6,734 votes.

Houpe, an incumbent commissioner, was second with 6,639 votes, and Connolly, a chief deputy in the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, was third with 6,128.

The three GOP winners will square off against two Democrats — Frank Johnson and Michelle Goree — in November.

Richard Colemen, who raised more than $45,000 for his campaign, was fourth (5,797 votes), Todd Carver was fifth (5,185), and Angela Wokatsch Matthews sixth (4,937).

Rounding out the field were Cindy Haynes (4,645), Laketha Bobish (3,553) and Larry Payne (2,928). Blake Palmer, who withdrew from the election last month, still garnered 1,196 votes.

Iredell County Register of Deeds

Maureen Purcell, who was appointed in February 2021 by the Iredell County Board of Commissioners after being nominated by the executive committee of the Iredell County GOP, was defeated in the Republican primary by Renee Holland. Holland, who works as an administrative officer for the Iredell County Health Department, garnered 9,968 votes, while Purcell received 7,245.

Iredell County Clerk of Superior Court

Incumbent Jim Mixson cruised to a win in the Republican primary over challenger Barry Tilley. Mixson received 11,869 votes, and Tilley garnered 5,116.

Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education

In three Republican primaries:

♦ In District 1, Brian Sloan defeated Ricky Driver. Sloan received 1,735 votes, and Driver garnered 1,157 votes.

♦ In District 3, Abby Trent leads Kent Shoffner by five votes. She garnered 670 votes and Shoffner received 665. Tammy Wyatt finished third with 589 votes.

By law, Shoffner can call for a recount, but he cannot request a run-off, elections officials said.

Elections officials still have to review provisional ballots and tally absentee vote–by-mail ballots that were postmarked on or before May 17 and received by May 20. The Board of Elections will conduct the countywide canvas at 11 a.m. on May 27.

♦ In District 5, Anita Kurn won by a wide margin, outpolling Lisa Meier by more than 400 votes. Kurn received 1,501 votes, and Meier received 1,093.

Mooresville Board of Commissioners (Ward 3)

According to unofficial results, Kevin Kasel leads Tommy DeWeese by only four votes. Kasel garnered 439 votes, and DeWeese received 435.

DeWeese can call for a recount and a run-off, which would be held July 26.

James “Toodles” Ritchie finished third with 313 votes.

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