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RALEIGH — The unemployment rate in Iredell County increased to 3.7 percent in October, up from 3 percent in September. 

According to the N.C. Department of Commerce, Iredell has a labor force of 94,575 people. In October, a total of 3,470 county residents were classified as unemployed. 

Unemployment rates (not seasonally adjusted) increased in 99 of North Carolina’s counties in October and decreased in one. Edgecombe County had the highest unemployment rate at 7.5 percent while Orange County had the lowest at 3.1 percent.

All fifteen of the state’s metro areas experienced rate increases. Among the metro areas, Rocky Mount had the highest rate at 6.2 percent while Asheville, Durham-Chapel Hill, and Raleigh each had the lowest at 3.3 percent. The October not seasonally adjusted statewide rate was 3.9 percent.

When compared to the same month last year, not seasonally adjusted unemployment rates decreased in 61 counties, increased in 30 counties, and remained unchanged in nine. Twelve of the state’s metro areas experienced rate decreases over the year, one increased, and two remained unchanged.

The number of workers employed statewide (not seasonally adjusted) decreased in October by 2,629 to 4,947,826, while those unemployed increased by 32,875 to 202,689. Since October 2021, the number of workers employed statewide increased 135,671, while those unemployed decreased 6,888.

It is important to note that employment estimates are subject to large seasonal patterns; therefore, it is advisable to focus on over-the-year changes in the not seasonally adjusted estimates.

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  1. Because people don’t want to work anymore due to our ignorant government letting them stay at home and receive more money than they make working. It’s time for us working class people to stand up and let people know we are tired of keeping them up. These sorry people ain’t no better than me.

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