Special to Iredell Free News

Friends, family members and colleagues came together for a Retirement Celebration on Wednesday to honor the remarkable careers of City of Statesville employees Kevin Rankins and Eddie Boller.

With a combined experience of over 81 years in the Sanitation Division, their retirement marks the end of an era.

Kevin Rankins, known by most as “Winky,” began his journey with the City in 1978 within the Water/Sewer Maintenance Division. In 1985 he transitioned to the Sanitation Division, assuming the role of assistant sanitation superintendent, working alongside his longtime friend and mentor, Freddy Morrison. In 2019 Rankins was promoted to sanitation superintendent.

Rankins’ tenure within the Sanitation Division witnessed the transformation from days of manual back-door pickups to the introduction of semi-automatic trucks and then automatic trucks. Eagerly looking forward to his retirement, Rankins plans to dedicate much of his time to fishing, socializing with friends, and actively contributing to his church.

With his 94-year-old mother playing an important role in his life, he plans to spend more time with her, along with his wife Cynthia, two children and five grandchildren.

Kenneth “Eddie” Boller joined the City’s Sanitation Division in 1987 and quickly became an important part of the team. He was promoted to sanitation supervisor in 2011. In additional to his promotion in 2011, Boller was presented the Herman Drake Award from the American Public Works Association in recognition of his outstanding service in Public Works/Solid Waste.

Boller and his wife Sheila will begin their retirement journey together on August 30. He is looking forward to some rest and relaxation, and then traveling with his wife. They have four children, three grandchildren, and one grandchild on the way to keep them busy.

During the retirement ceremony, Public Works Director Mark Taylor presented Rankins and Boller with plaques of appreciation. He commended both me for their dedication and service to the City of Statesville, acknowledging the significant impact they’ve made. Additionally, City Councilman Frederick Foster presented the new retirees with a Community Service Award, acknowledging their substantial contributions to enhancing the quality of life within Ward 6.

With more than eight eight decades of combined experience, Rankins and Boller have left a lasting mark on the City of Statesville. As they bid farewell to their daily routines, both men expressed their gratitude for the camaraderie and friendships made throughout their time with the city. While they’ll miss the familiar faces of their co-workers, they’re eagerly anticipating the opportunities that the next chapter of life will bring.