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Christian Brothers Automotive hosted a car safety and maintenance class at their facility located at 688 Brawley School Road in Mooresville on Sunday for the sophomore class of Lake Norman Chapter of the National Charity League.

Three unique cars were placed in the bays, and Christian Brothers Automotive employees each took a group of eight students and reviewed key portions of the vehicles.

Christian Brothers Automotive employees demonstrated where to find the spare tire and how to check the tire pressure. They inspected tires and looked at the tread to determine quality.

Many of the students had never popped the hood of a car before. This gave them the opportunity to do just that. Once the hoods were popped, the teens looked inside and learned where the battery, spark plugs and air filters were and what they should look like in good condition. They also discussed where to find information — door labels, cap labels, handbook — about their vehicles and that not all cars are the same.

The event finished with a discussion session and some important key maintenance/safety reminders:

♦ Don’t assume you have enough gas if you are close to empty. (Best practice is to act like a quarter tank is empty and fill up as soon as you can.)
♦ New drivers should ask their parents if they have AAA and know what their insurance provides in times of need.
♦ Important items to always keep in your vehicle include a first-aid kit, a roadside emergency car kit, and jumper cables.

This outing provided a perfect opportunity for these new and future drivers to learn more about their vehicles and the responsibility that comes with driving.



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